Join Our Club

The United States of America Coton de Tulear Club welcomes interested Coton owners to learn more about the club. Our membership enjoys the company of other Coton lovers, breeders and enthusiasts, and shares relevant information regarding the Coton breed. The USACTC currently holds one National Specialty, plus Supported Entries, throughout the year. At these shows prizes and titles are awarded to the winning Cotons in conformation. We are exploring Specialties that offer Agility and Rally so we can encourage our non-conformation Cotons to participate.  Attending these shows is fun and informative! It is an opportunity for Coton fanciers to see and show off our beautiful breed.  Our club is officially licensed by the American Kennel Club. The USACTC encourages Coton breeders and owners to exhibit their Cotons in events approved by the American Kennel Club. As the National Parent Breed Club, the organization is committed to the highest spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship.  

Applicants must apply on the current online application formsas approved by the Board of Directors.  Applicants agree to abide by the USACTC Constitution and Bylaws, USACTC Code of Ethics, and Rules of The American Kennel Club. 

The club welcomes Applicants who own or are interested in the Coton de Tulear breed. All New Membership Applicants must have two USACTC Sponsors. A USACTC Breeder and/or another Coton owner, who are members in good standing, may act as Sponsors.  Membership is for one calendar year (January 1st-December 31st). Applicants and members must be in good standing with the USACTC, Inc. and the American Kennel Club.  All Membership Applications are subject to Board approval.  Completed forms and associated fees must be received to process applications. Prior to submitting your Application, please review our Constitution and By-Laws, USACTC Code of Ethics, and Rules of the American Kennel Club.