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How to Be A Member

A readiness to have a meaningful experience as an exhibitor, breeder, club member, and worker. A willingness to adhere to all USACTC rules and regulations.

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Join Our Club

The United States of America Coton de Tulear Club is interested in candidates for membership who have experience and desire to protect and advance the interests of the breed.

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Attention Puppy Buyers

Are you looking for a quality Coton that is pre-spoiled, parents health tested, and your next family member? Please begin your search by checking our Breeders Directory.

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National Specialty

Our 2019 National Specialty has not be finalized yet. Please check back for details.

AKC Coton Activities

Dog Shows, Trials, Field Events, give Cotons and their owners the ability to have fun, show off their training, and experience teamwork. With more than 22,00 annual AKC events available.

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Facebook is the place to go to reach Coton friends and Coton family. Need to reach out and find someone? Find us on Facebook.

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