USACTC Code of Ethics

Rules & Regulations, Policies & Ethics

USACTC Inc. Members agree to comply with the following rules, regulations, policies and ethical conduct as outlined in this USACTC Code of Ethics document:

  • The American Kennel Club Rules & Regulations
  • AKC Code of Sportsmanship
  • AKC Breeders Rules & Regulations
  • Club’s Policies and Procedures
  • Constitution and Bylaws of the USACTC, Inc,
  • AKC Breed Standard

Breed Welfare Policy

Welcome, encourage and support newcomers to the Coton de Tulear breed and our breed club, the USACTC, Inc. At any time a Club member makes a personal decision to become a USACTC Breeder, the Member agrees to adhere to the AKC Breeders Rules and Regulations, follow Breeder Directory Application Policies, and always consider the welfare of the Coton de Tulear breed as paramount.


Should a Coton de Tulear turn up in a rescue situation, I shall do whatever is within my ability to ensure the welfare of the dog, either retrieving the dog personally or assisting rescue in every way possible.

Club Member Policy

USACTC Members support the success, purpose, advancement and goals of the organization.

The USACTC Board of Directors governs and administers the operations of the Club on behalf of its membership. Directors commit themselves to the values of honesty, courtesy and fair play, under the laws of the state of incorporation.

All Members will be respectful and will not discredit their and others’ reputations, or any Club goals, objectives or policies in the execution of duties. This will include any form of media, technical communications, emails, Facebook, Twitter, texting or any chat group.

USACTC Members are responsible for their actions. Members will not engage in actions that constitute conduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Club or of the Breed. Poor behavior or choices on social media may have serious consequences.

Any attempt to undermine or devalue the reputation, success, purpose, advancement, or goals of the Club will not be tolerated regardless of the public medium used to communicate those negative actions. In the instance a breach is serious, a Member may be permanently removed from the USACTC.

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