Why a USACTC Breeder

A USACTC Breeder’s goal is to produce a superb, physically sound puppy with excellent temperment. Ultimately, the Breeder strives to produce a puppy that matures into an adult that will reflect the AKC Coton de Tulear Breed Standard.

What does this mean for you?

USACTC Breeders carefully select their breeding stock from bloodlines that often have champions in the pedigree, are health tested and have no history of clinical signs of illness, structural abnormalities or temperament defects.

Coton de Tulear adult health screenings are recommended by CHIC to use as tool to make educated breeding decisions.  Click on CHIC to view their breed health test guidelines. 

USACTC Breeders take high pride in their Coton puppies and dogs. Puppies and their parents live in the breeder’s home, not in a kennel environment; never locked in a cage without love and socialization. USACTC Breeders commit to ensuring their puppies have crucial early socialization in order to help the puppy properly develop. They are available to assist their new puppy buyers with questions or concerns regarding their new family members.  

USACTC Breeders place their Coton puppies with owners whose lifestyles can meet the needs of this companion breed.  In most cases, the prospective buyer must complete a screening questionnaire and/or go through an interview with the breeder. 

USACTC Breeders have a lifetime commitment to each of the puppies they sell. They are agreeable to continued contact with each new family, welcoming photos and enjoying stories.  If circumstances arise in which the puppy/dog must be re-homed, most require it is with their assistance and knowledge. Companion puppies are sold under a spay/ neuter contract, with the goals of protecting the individual dog’s health and the breed’s future, by only allowing extraordinary specimens to be bred. 

USACTC Breeders frequently provide personal time to volunteer for the breed and club, in addition to the time they spend with their own personal dogs. 

USACTC Breeders are involved with their Cotons. They often attend Conformation shows and compete with their home bred dogs in order to obtain unbiased professional opinions. Some also choose to participate in Agility, Obedience, Therapy, Freestyle Dancing, etc.