Board of Directors

President: Gregory Beach 412.726.0199
Vice President:  Eileen Narieka
Membership Secretary (Temporary/Acting): Eileen Narieka
Recording Secretary: Debra Nemrow
Treasurer: Mark Amsden

Eastern: Danna Deimler
Western: Jennifer McNeely
Northern: Victory Peterson
Southern: Lyudmila Stevens
Central: Kathy Garcia

Past President: Debra Nemrow

Breed Standard and Education Coordinator: Debra Nemrow, Facilitator
Breed Standard Committee: Eileen Narieka, Chair
Breed Education Committee: Eileen Narieka, Chair
Meet the Breed: Lyudmila Stevens, Chair
Bylaws & Policy and Procedures Committee: Mark Amsden, Chair
Events Committee: Kathy Garcia, Chair
Fundraising Committee: Gregory Beach, Chair
Health Committee: Elizabeth Pettit, Chair
Historian/Archivist Coordinator and Committee: Vacant
Membership Committee: Vacant
Rescue Committee: Vacant
Social Media Committee: Danna Deimler, Chair