Questions to Ask

  1. Why do you breed dogs?
  2. How did you choose the Coton?
  3. What got you started in breeding?
  4. How long have you been involved with Cotons?
  5. How do you keep yourself educated and informed as a breeder?
  6. Do you show your dogs in conformation or obedience?
  7. Are you active in any competitive or social activities with your Cotons other than breeding?
  8. Do you require companion dogs to be neutered or spayed?
  9. What kind of guarantee do you provide for your puppies?
  10. Do you do health screening tests on your breeding dogs?  If so, what tests? Can I find testing certification on ?
  11. Where do your Cotons live? Inside? Kennel?
  12. Are your dogs registered with the USACTC, Inc? or AKC,  If not, where are they registered?
  13. What sort of an educational and support system do you offer to new puppy owners?
  14. Where and how are the puppies raised?
  15. Can you briefly explain the raising process for your pups up to the time they leave your home?
  16. Are you active in the Dog Fancy? How?
  17. Are you willing to take back any dog you produce, irregardless of age, if the owner is unable to keep the dog for any reason?
  18. Do you support rescue?
  19. Can you send me a copy of your contracts?
  20. Can you send me references of people who have purchased puppies from you before?